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Ontario Hockey Academy

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about ontario hockey academy

Located in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, Ontario Hockey Academy (OHA) is an English language athletic private school. OHA delivers outstanding university preparatory academics and offers an Ontario Ministry of Education secondary school diploma to a select group of students. The Academy's outstanding university and/or junior hockey placement rate of close to 100% has propelled many of our student-athletes into top calibre universities including: ​



Student-athletes play and practice their hockey skills daily. To fully hone those techniques in the real world, they take part in  high calibre games and tournaments.





We  don't just talk about diversity, we live it. We have created an environment where all students are respected, and we've been recognized as a place where diversity works.

Our community is proudly international and welcomes students from all across Canada, the United States, and many other countries.  This creates a robust, inclusive and engaging learning environment. Students build friendships with young people who have different life experiences, socio-economic backgrounds, and traditions, but who share a common goal - To gain that competitive edge and be the best hockey player possible! 


Our focus on excellence in sport definitely sets us apart, but the Ontario Hockey Academy experience extends far beyond hockey.  In addition to sport, the Academy offers students high calibre academics and the opportunity to forge strong relationships and develop a strong work ethic through education, physical training, and engaging social activities.


Students will experience other cultures and make lifelong friends, while also learning a great deal about themselves as individuals. With dedicated teachers and coaches, dorm parents on site 24/7, and average class sizes of just 15 students, guidance and support is always availableWhether at home in our dorms, at a tournament, or in class, our community of boarders are an extended family that studies, learns, works, plays and grows together. We look forward to welcoming you to our home!

Home of the

Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual athletic pursuits


“To be successful in university, students need to know how to think, tackle problems, and express their ideas.  We specialize in utilizing 21st technology to teach problem solving, critical thinking, and time management.  Ontario Hockey Academy university prep program is designed to provide a strong academic foundation needed for student athletes to have a successful college career. 

It is our mandate to prepare and place every one of our students in either a Canadian University, NCAA Division 1 program or a superior academic Division III college.  All we require is a strong work ethic and perseverance from our student athletes.  Are you ready to accept the challenge?”

Director Giles Lascelle

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