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Ontario Hockey Academy

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ELITE hockey


Ontario Hockey Academy is dedicated to providing programs that meet the individual academic and athletic needs of ambitious students as they prepare for national  and international hockey competition, college, and life.


At Ontario Hockey Academy we believe students learn best when actively engaged in guided discovery, therefore:


  • Our classrooms are small and our programs are designed to promote student independence and responsibility.

  • Our environment helps us to better identify and meet the diverse travel, training, and academic needs of our student body.

  • Our academic and athletic programs develop the intellectual, physical and social skills that will best prepare our students for success.


Through cooperation between Ontario Hockey Academy academic and athletic departments and the student, each individual receives specialized training and the opportunity to realize his or her goals.


Ontario Hockey Academy is a private preparatory school committed to providing boys and girls with the very best in academics. Ontario Hockey Academy students receive the guidance and tools they need to prepare for academic, professional, and personal success. Our curriculum meets real-world expectations!


It is the goal of Ontario Hockey Academy to offer every student the means to reach their individual athletic potential. We recognize that the student is an integral part of the equation and will train them to share responsibility for their development on and off the ice.

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