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Ontario Hockey Academy is an English language secondary school offering the Ontario Ministry of Education diploma. The academy offers over 40 approved courses in science, mathematics, social sciences, English, ESL, French, the arts, and computer science. The academic portion of the day is highly structured with four periods of core course instruction and  study hall periods five days a week.


the ontario curriculum

To ensure academic excellence, the Ontario Hockey Academy is an inspected Ontario Ministry of Education private secondary school. The Academy follows the university preparatory curriculum as set forth by Ministry of Education and confers the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) on its graduates.

All academic core courses are taught at the academic or university prep level and are NCAA approved. For advanced and post-graduate students, the academy supports independent study utilizing undergraduate courses from several US colleges and universities.

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GRADE 8, 9 & 10


Listings and descriptions of grade 9 and  10 course offerings.

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GRADE 11 & 12


Listings and descriptions of grade 11 and  12 course offerings.




Information about the potential benefits of post-graduate studies.


OHA academic university preparatory courses include:

  • Arts

  • Biology

  • Chemistry

  • English

  • French


Courses are taught with an average class size of 15 students. Smaller class sizes mean improved class management, personalized interaction, and individually tailored academic support, resulting in improved uptake, and creating a springboard that helps students reach the next level. Nightly teacher-supported study halls provide help with homework, English-language studies, and preparation for SATs in anticipation of the NCAA Clearinghouse. We open doors to top schools in Canada, the United States, and internationally.


We are committed to helping students get into the university of their choice, therefore, while athletics are certainly our passion, our academic program is carefully scheduled in concert with the athletic program. This ensures no student ever misses a class due to a game, or vice versa. The academic week is Monday to Friday and each day consists of four eighty minute periods of course instruction and a one-hour study hall period. All courses consist of a minimum of 110 hours of classroom instruction with skilled teachers.


Time is also set aside during the week for any required additional tutoring, and our in-house SAT entrance exam prep course. We offer an extensive university-advising program for both US and Canadian schools. Each year, upper level Ontario Hockey Academy students are scheduled to take the SAT exam. (Ontario Hockey Academy is an approved SAT test centre.)


"The Ontario Ministry of Education encourages all students to take 2 online courses during secondary school years. There are some benefits to online learning, but Ontario Hockey Academy believes in-person teaching for greater student success. Private schools students will be exempt from the requirement to take two online courses for their diploma. A formal exemption will be filed in each student's official student folder (OSR). Students may still take an online course at the parent's expense, but they will not be required to. Full details about the online requirement can be viewed in PPM 167."

  • Mathematics

  • Physical Education

  • Physics

  • Science

  • Social Science




Meet the qualified teaching staff of Ontario Hockey Academy.




Information about the SAT entrance exam.




Learn more about the benefits of private schools.


Our ultimate goal is to develop student-athletes. The Ontario Hockey Academy schedule is tailored to maximize class time and hockey time. Goalie sessions, video, and extra skills are held on Mondays and, when scheduling permits, Fridays. There are also mandatory study halls four evenings a week. At the academy grades and hockey are equally important and the combination of dedication to education and athletics, combined with the benefits of an environment where students are all equally inspired to excel,  yields excellent results.

OHA students have been accepted at over 60 universities in over 12 countries including:

Adrian College

Bemidji State University

Boston University
Brown University

Carleton University

Clarkson University

Colgate University

Concordia University
Cornell University

Finlandia University

Ohio State University

Oswego University

Ottawa University

Manhattanville College

Maine University

Marian University

McGill University

Minnesota State University

Moncton University

Mount Allison University

Neuman University

New England College

Nipissing Universtiy

Norwich University

Penn State University

Princeton University

Plymouth University

Queens University

State University of New York

Sacred Heart University

Saint Mary's University

St. Lawrence University

St. Scholastica University

St. Thomas University

Syracuse University

University of British Columbia

University of Calgary

University of Montreal

University of New England
University of New Hampshire

University of PEI
University of Saskatchewan
University of Vermont

Union College

Yale University

York University

Waterloo University
Western University

Windsor University

Census Canada 2018 reports that the proportion of public school students who had graduated from a university program by age 23 was 21%. In contrast to that figure, close to 100% of the students enter university or the junior hockey system following graduation. An outstanding result indicating Ontario Hockey Academy students are following their hockey dreams and preparing for success!


We use the Jupiter Ed  online grading system to keep parents and caregivers up to date on student progress. The system provides up-to-date information on grades, attendance, progress and class schedules at any time from any computer or phone. This  makes it easier for  students keep up with their assignments, and for their parents to review their child's progress. 


We strongly encourage players and families to get involved in the university recruiting process by creating an NCAA account by the start of the 11th grade (Junior year) school. This will help avoid getting caught it a backlog of athletes later in the year. Need help? Let us know! We'll gladly share our expertise about this important process.

NCAA Eligibility Centre

OHA Academic Calendar

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