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Ontario Hockey Academy

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The Ontario Hockey Academy  is an English language specialized athletic private school offering the Ontario Ministry of Education secondary school diploma to aspiring students. OHA delivers outstanding university preparatory academics resulting in an outstanding university and/or junior hockey placement rate of close to 100% and acceptance into top calibre universities including:


Located on a campus in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, OHA is proudly international and welcomes students from Canada, the United States, and many other countries.  With dorm parents on site 24/7, and average class sizes of 15, supervision and support is always available for our students, whether they are at home in our dorms or in class.


The Ontario Hockey Academy (OHA) wants to provide you with an unforgettable Canadian hockey experience. Come play and study at one of Canada's premier hockey prep schools. Learn the Canadian style of hockey and play against top calibre teams in the heart of hockey country, while improving English skills and completing secondary school in a diploma-granting Ontario high school.

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Admission Form

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a direct path to mental and physical achievement!

The OHA goal is to develop players both on and off the ice. Our top of the line Athletic Republic training facility is fully equipped with everything students need to increase their strength and power. The OHA skating treadmill helps to make skaters more powerful, and the OHA rapid shot shooting system will improve shot accuracy and release time. Expert trainers will teach student-athletes how to complete a proper dynamic warm-up to help prevent injuries, as well as show the proper lifting techniques when working out.


Our focus on excellence in sport definitely sets us apart, but the OHA experience extends far beyond hockey. In addition to high calibre academics, our community offers the opportunity for strong relationships with fellow students, teachers, and team mates through education, physical training, and engaging social activities.

ARE YOU ready to develop a LIFELONG work ethic?
willing to EMBRACE challenge?

THEN OHA is waiting for you!​



North American and International Students:

Below are the guidelines that will help you understand what information is essential and how to communicate with Admissions to ensure that your application is completed correctly and in a timely manner.


  1. Complete and submit the admission form

  2. Send a copy of student's latest academic school report/transcript

  3. A short practice or game video


If available, the following documents may be helpful:

  1. Copy of student's passport(s)

  2. A reference letter


Supporting documents may be sent via:



Fax:      613-937-3422

Mail:    Ontario Hockey Academy

           Attn: Admissions

           1541 Vincent Massey Drive

           Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

           K6J 5R6

If you have any questions regarding the application process, information being requested, or general questions about Ontario Hockey Academy, please contact admissions at or 613-938-5009. 



  1. Option 1: English as a Second Language Program

  2. Option 2: Ontario High School Degree Program

  3. Option 3: Post Graduate Program


For more information on these programs please contact Jay McNeill, European Coordinator via email: or

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