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The Ontario Hockey Academy has been called a second home by many and it doesn't take long to see why! Students and staff quickly become part of the student's extended family. OHA offers residency to both male and female students from grade nine to post graduate - A "home away from home" to students from across the world!


There are also additional benefits to be found in an exceptional campus environment. Living on campus in residences with classmates and friends - as well as with your teachers and mentors means students build lasting friendships and make great memories. From walking to Tim Hortons to all night study sessions, students are engaged, supported, and working towards a common goal - To be the best athlete they can be! 

Curfews and standards of conduct will be part of life at OHA - No big news there! But you should also not be surprised to learn that OHA is  a lot of fun. If you talk to OHA students or alumni they will all tell you the same thing - It's an environment that's conducive to forging incredible friendships and having a great time in the process. 


Girls and boys are divided into two different wings, sharing a common room with TV/DVD equipment, lounge furniture, laundry facilities, computer stations, and areas for making light snacks. All rooms have wireless internet access. Any parent who has been tasked with driving a child around town to sports and extracurricular activities will understand the advantage a residential school offers.

Dining hall Menu

As a boarding student, you will be served three balanced meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks throughout the day. On Sundays, boarders get a special brunch (a late breakfast/early lunch). All meals are served on campus in our Dining Hall.

OHA philosophy & core values

As part of our mission, we will ensure athletics will be conducted in harmony and conformity with the schools's educational mission, while continuing the proud heritage of athletic success that stimulates pride among our constituents and supporters.

These are the core values of OHA program, both in academics, life, and hockey. They are an intrinsic part of our history.


The Ontario Hockey Academy also considers athletics to be an integral part of the school, as its existence provides students, faculty, alumni and friends an opportunity to share in the life of the high school community.

on-campus training facilities

Everything is in one place. Instead of spending time sitting in a car, Ontario Hockey Academy students may use those valuable hours in our gym, or doing extra homework. Best of all, a busy  parent doesn't have to worry about being a taxi service!

The Academy provides a unique opportunity to learn and understand Canadian traditions and values, outstanding academics, and hockey. The in-house residential staff  are also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to provide support, friendship, and guidance.

School Trips

Teaching and learning can become inherently spontaneous and student-centered when moved from the confines of the classroom into the world at large. From the USA White House, Niagara Falls, Detroit's Joe Louis Arena, New York's Time Square and Quebec City famous Winter Carnival, students get to learn and experience other cultures.

graduation day

Life at the Ontario Hockey Academy is full...and fulfilling. Students schedules are filled with collaborative learning, creative expression, energetic sport, rigorous class work and study.  Graduation day marks the end of the academic year, the celebration of the senior class, and the coming together of students, faculty, families, and friends.

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A snapshot of life at OHA!
Join us for a quick OHA tour!

progressive programs with a family atmosphere

Ontario Hockey Academy High Performance Hockey program continues to grow. To stay ahead of the curve, we spend numerous hours of researching and reviewing how today's top hockey athletes are developed. Research make it clear that much of the top talent  comes from hockey programs that offer well-researched, targeted training - Good programs develop good players.


Despite our modern approach, one aspect of Ontario Hockey Academy that quickly becomes apparent is the Academy's pride in offering a warm, family atmosphere. The dorm has a dorm master living down the hall from the students. The socialization and fostering of relationships continues with family-style meals and relaxing times in with the other student athletes. Our dorm is home to students from across the country and from different parts of the world. They engage in activities and projects that build bonds and team spirit.

tradition of diversity

We  don't just talk about diversity, we care about it. We have created an environment where all students are respected, and we've been recognized as a place where diversity works.

Our students come from all over Canada and from over 15 countries with different backgrounds. We have a variety among our admitted students as it makes for a robust and exciting teaching and learning environment. You'll have friends from different life experiences, socio-economic backgrounds, professional experiences, but all with a common goal. We want students who will do the extra to gain that competitive edge.

academic results

Student-athletes come here to play hockey, but for families, education is Job Number One. Many students find it quite easy to achieve a 4.0 while others struggle to get a 3.0. Each school sets its own achievement level for GPAs, but the  the SATs are standardized tests and provide an accurate, consistent indication of a student’s ability. The three-hour SAT test is very demanding. It is both mentally and physically draining and takes diligence and persistence to navigate successfully. The SATs are basically built on English, math and science.

In a recent high school study on CNN, only 12% of high school students graduate high school with a calculus or chemistry course on their transcript. In the Ontario Hockey Academy program, 50% of our students taking both chemistry and calculus. Statistics say 40% of high school students will go to post secondary education and  50% of  the students who start university will not compete their programs.


In part this is because most high school students have not been adequately prepared to face the challenges of  university by the time they exit high school. Close to 100% of Ontario Hockey Academy  graduates are on track of finishing their university degree within 4 years, well beyond the national average...And doing pretty well in hockey too!

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