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"I just thought I would give you an update on how everything is going here at Cornell. I feel like I am fitting in well with the speed and pace of the game and I owe much of that to OHA and what you helped me achieve over the last year.


I know I would not be in the position I am today if it were not for your help.  Good luck this season and talk to you soon"

Anna Zorn

Cornell University

"Being one of the 1% to earn an NCAA Hockey Scholarship to University of New Hampshire would have never been possible without making the decision of a Post Graduate year at the Ontario Hockey Academy. 

Looking at it now, it was one of the best decisions I have made in my life!"

C Brooderick

University of New Hampshire

"We thought we must be crazy to send our son away to OHA but now we have no regrets. The bottom line is it doesn’t get any better than this. The school community is nurturing, demonstrating and fostering values of social and environmental responsibility, and respect for others and the community in which they live daily.


The staff, including coaches, teachers, and all support staff along with Kim are dedicated, committed, caring individuals fully engaged in the life of the school and the student-athletes. 


The small community and classes make it possible to meet individual needs and creates a place in which the student-athletes can excel and reach their full potential as a person, a student, and an athlete. 


The Hockey coaches and program is amazing, my son has improved so much. The Ontario Hockey Academy is the complete package academically, athletically, and socially.”

Kay Quinn


"Jenna's workouts helped me develop my fitness level on and off the ice. I was very grateful to have worked with Jenna to prepare me for the university level. Not only does my body feel better after doing her workouts, but it also showed. #bodies by jenna"

Wasyn Rice
Robert Morris University
Div. 1, 2018

The transition to university was so much easier because of OHA,  I know I couldn't have done it without the academy.  OHA taught me all the skills I need to succeed here at Ohio State. I hope all the new athletes and the returning take full advantage of everything you provide and do for them, because there isn't a better program to prepare you for the future! I hope everyone at OHA enjoys their time, sooner or later we all end up missing it!

Julia McKinnon

Team Canada U18 and U22
Ohio State University

"I have been training with Jenna Lascelle and she is an amazing and very knowledgeable trainer. She has played Division 1 herself and knows exactly what it takes to get there. She has been training me on all aspects...physically, mentally, and nutrition-wise also."

Gabi Davidson Adams

Harvard University
Div. 1, 2020

"Ryan’s determined approach since attending the Ontario Hockey Academy towards pushing himself to being the very best he can be has been exceptional. His obvious on ice improvement is a true testament to the development he has received. As a parent it has been an absolute privilege to witness the growth in Ryan’s skills as a player as well as his character and maturity as a person over the last two years. 


Thanks Kim and OHA teachers and staff."

"The Ontario Hockey Academy was such a great experience for me.  The progress that I made has been more than I have ever seen before.  The coaches do this by putting you in game-like situations and challenge you to try things differently which force you out of your comfort zone and out of your bad habits. My fitness level improved drastically and I feel as if I have become a different player. 


I recommend OHA to anyone who is looking to take their hockey skills to the next level."

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