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Prep: Movement Foam Roll

Glutes+ Hip Rotators x 10/ea

Hamstrings x 10/ea

Calves x 10/ea

Lower/Upper Back x 10/ea

Posterior Shoulder X 10/ea

Adductors & Quads x 10/ea

Try to spend :30 in each area

Prep: Squat Matrix

Bodyweight Squat x 5

Split Squat x 5/ea

Reaching Lat Squat x 5/ea

Reaching SLDL x 5/ea

Prep: Dynamic

This can be done outside or wherever you have any space.

10 yards

Inchworm x 10 yd

Bear Crawl x10 yd

Knee to Chest x 3/ea

Bwds 1 Leg SLDL x 3/ea

2 Leg Linear Bounce X 10 yd

2 Leg M/L Bounce x 10 yd

A Skip x 10 yd

Lateral Skip x 10yd

High Knee x 10 yd

Up & Back shuffle x 10 yd

Carioca x 10yd

Back Pedal x 10 yd

Prep: Movement: Mobility& Activation

90/90 Hip ER:IR x:30/ea

Hip Swivel x5/ea

Spiderman x :30/ea

Adductor Rocks x5/ea

V-Stance Rotations x5/ea

Standing Ankle Mob x5/ea

Warm up

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