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Ontario Hockey Academy
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WE  Invite YOU to come visit and skate with our team at practice

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The Go-To boarding school for
Canadian, USA and European
female hockey players.


World’s Largest Female Hockey Boarding School

Gabrielle Davidson-Adams

Team Ontario

Canada National Team


Harvard University


Klara Hymlarova

Beijing Olympics

Czech National Team

St. Cloud University

Mira Seregely

Hungary National Team


Maine University

Abby Hustler

Team Atlantic

Canada National Team


St Lawrence University

Ena Nystrom

Norway National Team


Mercyhurst University

Suyeon Eom

Korea National Team

Pyeongchang Olympica


St Lawrence  University

Ashley Stratton

All Canadian

U Sport

University of

New Brunswick


Bri Eid

Team Ontario


Long Island University

Sena Takenaka

Japan National Team


Lindenwood University

Tia Lascelle

U16 Team Ontario


Adrian University

Sophie Matsoukas

Team Ontario


Union College


Emma Bergesen

Norway National Team


Mount Royal University

Miyu Miyazaki

Japan Nationa Team


Connecticut College


Ingrid Holstad Berge

Norway Nationa Team


Norwich University

ONTARIO U22 ELITE League  (16-20 yr olds)

The Ontario U22 Elite League is the top Junior Female sanctioned league by Hockey Canada. Simply put, the Elite U22 and U18 is out producing every other league when developing USport, NCAA, and Olympians female players. No other league is doing it better.

ONTARIO U18 League  (14-17 yr olds)

The Ontario U18 League is the world's largest U18 development hockey league and top supplier of talent to the NCAA, USport, U22, and main development and feeder to U18 Team Canada.

USA Premiere Prep Hockey Showcases (PPHL)

PPHL is a top-tier female international alliance of Prep school teams that meet in showcases in Eastern United States to promote players to NCAA D1 and D3 institutions.

SHOWCASES – Tournaments

(Some of the events OHA attend)

  • Stoney Creek International Showcase

  • Boston Exeter Showcase

  • Detroit “Canada-USA” Showcase

  • Rochester Invitational Tournament

  • Kitchener “USA-Canada” Showcase

  • Quebec City Invitational Tournament

  • Washington Challenge Cup

  • PPHL Boston Showcase

  • Ottawa Girls U18 Tournament

  • Lake Placid Invitational Tournament

  • PPHL Connecticut Showcase

OHA teams play in the BEST LEAGUES & SHOWCASES

The Ontario Hockey Academy has grown into the largest well respected female AAA academic-hockey boarding school in the world.  As the Ontario Hockey Academy continues to attract top talent, it continues to produce an increasing amount of the game’s top stars. OHA places many players in top programs, including the Olympics and USA-NCAA colleges and Canadian U Sports universities. Our top-tier preparatory school program prepares players for success in both academics and athletics. OHA's sterling reputation for placing female players in the Olympics, universities, and on national teams, means  OHA girls are heavily EXPOSED and scouted! 

NEW   TEAMS    for    2023-24

For INCREASED Exposure and Development

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 fill quickly!

 GIRL's Coaching Staff

In one year I played in 72 games, over 160 practices while being pushed in 200 off ice training sessions, while taking a tough academic load.


Thank You, Teachers and Coaches!


Research shows the Ontario Hockey Academy offers much more to meet the athletic and academic needs of  female students, including:

  • A rigorous academic program to IMPROVE  grades and school acceptance

  • 40% more on and off ice elite training to INCREASE  shot accuracy, speed and explosiveness

  • In a year, OHA girls may play up to 50+ GAMES, complete 100+ practices, and            150 gym sessions

  • Live in a small FAMILY COMMUNITY with girls who have same GOALS

  • Play among the best girls in the world while being VISIBLE to every Canadian-USA School

  • We will show you HOW to master the RECRUITING process

  • Admission advisors, coaches, and alumni are readily available to help students make informed decisions.

The Ontario Hockey Academy is the very best of its kind,

offering a FANTASTIC Academic-Hockey experience available worldwide.

More Info?

girl's hockey PROGRAM

Ontario Hockey Academy is the only residential school that boards three girl's teams at an elite level.

Our state of the art training center ensures all players receive our intense Olympic-style off and on-ice training program. 

Academics and athletic training are seamlessly integrated. OHA provides more training than any other program in North America!
The girls of OHA have earned university scholarships worth over


oha girl's ALUMNI



One of Ontario Hockey Academy's major advantages is the opportunity to play against the highest levels of competition in Canada and United States. 


OHA is within a five-hour drive to over twenty-one NCAA D1 schools, twenty-four NCAA D3 schools, and thirteen Canadian women's hockey teams.  


Highlights of the OHA playing schedule include many top-scouted Canada and USA tournaments: 

  • Stoney Creek Showcase

  • Rochester Tournament

  • Boston Assabet Invitational

  • Union Tournament

  • Can-Am Tournament

  • Thanksgiving University Showcase

Playing for Ontario Hockey Academy provides student-athletes with opportunities to be seen by many Canadian U Sports  and NCAA schools. Schools that have sent representatives to OHA include:


  • Boston University

  • Brown University

  • Clarkson University

  • Cornell University

  • McGill University

  • Union College


  • Quinnipiac University

  • St. Lawrence University

  • St Marys University

  • Ohio State University

  • Western University

  • Merimack University

  • University of British Columbia

  • University of Montreal

  • University of Prince Edward Island

  • University of New Hampshire

  • University of Vermont

  • and other CIS, NCAA D1 and DIII programs 

Harvard University
OHA Graduate
Gabrielle Davidson-Adams

ON Canada Hometown Hockey National TV in Grade 10


Ontario Hockey Academy Alumni

Teal Gove
NCAA Player of the YEAR


Playing NCAA Division 1 or Canadian university is a great dream but less than 1% of student athletes will earn a scholarship to play at that level. The OHA percentage for scholarships are much higher than the average, but it is clear that to play at a top ranked school a student must be one of the top players in a program. Some of the best scholarship packages come from CIS or Division III programs, so don't wait too long to market your skills. Students should work REALLY hard, because they'll want to make the most of every opportunity.

Technically, Division III programs do not offer athletic scholarships, but they do offer academic scholarships. These smaller private schools give merit grants and other scholarships for student accomplishments. Keeping all  options open when considering a school may result in more  financial aid.

Full-Year Hockey Schedule

  • Ontario Hockey Academy is a one-sport school with a high performance hockey program.

  • OHA offers a Hockey Canada-sanctioned up to 50+ game schedule from September to May

  • Nine months on the ice with three levels of girl's teams to maximize development and progression. (Most preparatory schools offer one team that accommodates all skill levels.)

 ​​Great Exposure & Great Game Schedule