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  • Do students need to quarantine before coming on campus?
    Yes and no. International students must quarantine for 14 days as mandated by the government. Interantional students with valid travel visa who arrive between August 24 and August 26, 2020 will quarantione on campus. Any student arriving after August 26, 2020 must quarantine off-site. Domestic students are not required to quarantine.
  • How will OHA mitigate the risks associated with move-in day?
    For the academic year 2020-2021 only one parent of family member is permitted to accompany each student. The student and parent/family member must both present proof of a negative test and masks, hand sanitization and appropriate physical distancing will be reqiuired. Domestic students must book their move-in time to help avouid bottlenecks that could compromise safety
  • Will students and staff need to be tested for COVID-19 before starting school?
    Yes. All students and staff will be required to present proffo of a negative test for COVID-19 taken within 3-7 days of return to school.
  • Will there be further testing/screening of students and staff on campus??
    Yes. Students and staff will be required to complete a daily online self-asessment and the school nurse will perform temperature checks.
  • How will students travel from the airport to campus?
    All travel will be in our academy buses. These buses are sanitized before use and driven by our own staff. We ask that students requiring a pick-up contact Admissions with full flight details at least 4 days prior to the arrival date to schedule the pick up. Shuttle bookings can be made online:
  • How will students minimize the risk of infection to themselves and others?
    Students will wear masks and practice social distancing in all common areas. They will be appropriately educated on the symptoms and prevention of COVID-19. All student dorm rooms have private bathrooms, therefore the general use washrooms will not be permitted at this time. As always, students will be reponsible for cleaning their own dorm rooms, and will be encouraged to clean their personal items regularly.
  • How will meals be handled on campus?
    Health authorities do not consider there to be any inherent risk in food preparation and recommend usual food safety protocols be followed. Students will be asked to wear masks when not eating.
  • What is the protocol if an individual on campus tests positive?
    Contact tracing will be implemented immediately to identify all students and staff who have had contact with the person will be implemented immediately. Individuals who have had contact with the confirmed/suspected case will be asked to isolate immediately and monitor for symptoms. Staff will be required to isolate at home. Students will be sequestered in the OHA isolation area. Local health authorities will be contacted for further guidance.
  • If the school nurse determines that a student must be quarantined where will the student go?
    There is a designated quaratine wing on campus. A student in quarantine will be housed on site and, if well enough to do so, will continue with their lessons online so as not to fall behind.
  • What cleaning protocols will be in place?
    Additional staff have been hired to ensure surfaces such as handrails, door handles, faucets, office equipment are sanitized twice a day. Disinfectant wipes and hand sanitizer will be readily available in the common areas around the campus.
  • Will visitors be allowed on campus?
    Outside visitors to Ontario Hockey Academy will be kept to a minimum. Any person entering the academy who is not staff or a registered student must first complete a questionnaire with the nurse or designate, wear a mask, sanitize their hands, and practice social distancing.
  • Will students be travelling off-campus?
    For the first two weeks satudents weill not be permitted to leave the campus. Subsequently, off-campus travel will only be permitted via OHA buses. All off-campus travel must be pre-approved by school staff and will occur with the following protocols in place: Buses will be disinfected prior to use Only designated, screened OHA staff will be permitted to drive buses Students must sanitize their hands prior to boarding buses and again prior to entering the campus after disembarking. Masks will be worn on buses. Students and staff must wear masks and practice social distancing while in the community.
  • Will there be a hockey program at OHA?
    The Academy is waiting for direction from Hockey Canada before we consider playing teams outside of our family cohort but OHA itself runs eight teams. Our coaches will be improving player fitness and technique in preparation for the start of the season. A comprehensive training and game program has been developed. (More info can be found in our "Hockey Program" link.)
  • How long will these risk reduction protocols last?
    At this time it is not possible to say how long the risk reduction protocols will last. OHA is committed to following all best practices and the recommendations of health and government authorities to keep students, staff and the community safe and healthy. We will keep students and families fully informed on any updates or changes in operations.
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