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I need to contact a student. What number should I call?

Call the dormitory at 1-613-330-9202 or email dorms@ontariohockeyacademy.com

I am taking my student for the day and may be late returning. Does this matter?

The dorms are locked between 9:45 and 10:00 p.m. A late admittance may disturb students who are studying or sleeping, therefore they are not permitted. Students returning after curfew will be required to make their own arrangements for accommodation.

We urge caregivers to make every effort to return to the Academy on schedule. For more information, please review "Curfews" in the Student Handbook.

Is there any financial or scholarship assistance available to help with Ontario Hockey Academy tuition?

In some cases, yes, there is support available. Please review our Financial Aid page for the the full details.

I'm taking my student for an outing next week. Do I need to let you know?

Yes, the welfare of our students is a top priority. Students are not permitted to leave campus property without the correct documentation being submitted. Without this documentation, a student may be deemed "missing" and the authorities may be notified. A Leave Form must be completed prior to removing a student from our property.

Do you run any summer camps?

There is no summer camp pregram at OHA but families are welcome to make an appointment for a campus visit at any time of year.

f they schedule a visit during the academic year, the student can spend a day at the academy and workout with a team in the training centre and in an on-ice practice.

Do students live on campus or are they billeted in the community?

All OHA students live on campus in our dorm with our on-site dorm parents. Our students are not billeted with families.

How much ice time will my child get at OHA?

Generally there is one hour to 90 minutes of on-ice practice as well as one hour to 90 minutes off-ice practice Monday through Thursday. Tournaments and league games, usually played on Fridays and weekends, count for approximately 60 games per year.

How far is it to the Ottawa Airport?

Information on local hotels, links to maps and local airports can be found on our Contact page

Does OHA facilitate the OSSD and OSSLT testing?

Absolutely, OHA coordinates these tests.

Do the dorm rooms have cable TV and internet?

There is cable TV in the lounge, but no cable in the rooms. There is campus-wide WiFi.

Do students receive any assistance at the airport?

OHA provides shuttle service to Montreal, Ottawa and Massena airports. We prepare and support them before they go, and we remain available to assist them via text, and phone, if required.

Does OHA supply, or  arrange, transportation to appointments?

If one of our vehicles is available, we are happy to offer transportation. Please contact Admissions@ontariohockey academy for details on fees Students may also book their trip via the taxi service.

Do the dorm rooms have fridges and stoves?

Students may bring a minifridge to their dorm room. Stoves or cooking devices of any kind are not permitted for insurance reasons. There is microwave on each floor for student use. Full details are available in the Student Handbook. https://www.ohacanada.com/forms

My child is not from Eastern Ontario but will need to meet a medical professional in a few months. Can OHA help facilitate this and ensure they make the visit?

Absolutely. OHA has many connections with dentists, physiotherapists etc. in the community. The school nurse will ensure the student has transportation to the medical professional and attends on the date you have arranged. She will also stay in touch with the student via text to ensure everything is going smoothly..

I understand a specific amount of community involvement is required before students will be granted theor OSSD. Do we have to find those placements?

No. OHA has a strong relationship with the community of Cornwall, and will ensure that all students have access to volunteer communities.

Are any of the fees associated with your program tax deductible?

Regulations vary greatly from country to country and provice to province. We advise parents to consult a tax professional for details specific to their location.

How do we know which courses to choose?

With the help of the school principal, you and your child will choose a path and tailor a curriculum that is specific to your learning goals.

Do you have an on-campus tuck shop for toiletries, snacks, etc.

We do not have a store on-campus, but we typically schedule weekly store trips with the students to a local department/grocery store and a sports store, to ensure they can stock up on sundries as required.